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Appearance in Iraq

August 5, 2009

Soldiers vary in their upkeep and appearance, just like everyday people.  You always have ones that are precise in their presence, uniform and movements.  Then you have the sloppy ones with unkempt uniforms, crooked patches, unshaven faces, uncut hair, and unwashed asses!  As for me – I always fall somewhere inbetween, both in the civilian world and military world.  On the civilian side one day I will appear with a startched blouse, high-waisted pencil skirt, and almond toe heels.  The next I will float in wearing jeans tucked into a well-worn pair of Lucchese cowboy boots wearing a loose-fitting tunic: hardly a polished uniform.

In Iraq I find it hard to look “on point” daily because I have a 9mm pistol.  Sure, I could throw “Bertha the Beretta” into an over-the-shoulder holster, but I just get this creapy feelin like everyone will mistake me for an officer.  I already get the random Specialists (equal rank as me) saluting me with the leg drop holster on my right hip.  Why give them more ammunition?  If I wanted to be commisioned I would have said “Yes” at that first drill out of AIT when my commander practically begged me to.  I digress…This pistol that sits on my hip pulls my belt down on my right side and bunches up my pocket.  The beginnings of a vagrant image…Then there is the issue of my everyday “motorpool” uniform that is entirely too large and hangs slopily off of me and is stained from sliding under my truck helping my driver lube the grease points.  As much as I would like to look like a squared away soldier – I gave up.  Not in Iraq.  That is why I am competing in an imaginary contest for who can have the most bleached, most dirst-stained Patrol Cap (believe it or not i HAVE washed it several times on this deployment).  When it is all said and done…at least I wash my ass!

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