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Deployed again…

February 17, 2011

So here I am deployed again. Maybe I should have made a New Years resolution that I would keep up with things.
But I didn’t.
I’m going to attempt it anyway. So here’s to a fresh start. Obviously I made it back from Iraq (about a year and a half ago). Now I’m deployed again-but state side this time.

I am one of the “lucky ones” that made it on the Operation RiverWatcher as it was originally called. (Border Guard) we are working with the Border Patrol to catch drug traffickers and illegals entering our country. Honestly, it’s not exactly what I signed up for. There are no medic slots on this mission so I am just one of the Joes…doing what we do.

We are lucky enough however to be staying in hotels, have our POVs (personally owned vehicles), and have off time to mingle in civilization.

So my goal: to start updating this blog…and maybe get some people reading this. Then you will have a better idea on why life is like as a Fashion Medic

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