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Difference time makes

February 21, 2011

when I first joined the national guard, I did not even know it was part of the army! how naive I was…then less than a year out of training we got our warning order for deployment to Iraq. I did not want to go. I did not want to leave my family, or freedom, or life.

now, nearly five years into my initial six year contract I am ready to go to Afghanistan. we have not yet gotten a warning order for it yet, but it is inevitable. I joined to make a difference-and that can not be done by sitting back and showing up for a drill one weekend a month that “interrupts” your life. I want to be “all I can be” (yes, I know that sounds cheesy) and want to be prepared to do the best job I am assigned. we do not know what exactly our mission will be, but I am a medic and guy’s lives potentially rest in my hands.

I am not someone who has science come to them naturally. (art, design, that’s a different story). I also do not currently work in the medical field on the civilian side-so I always feel at a disadvantage when it comes to my medic skills and knowledge. yes, the army sends us to a medical refresher course-but I want to use that time to learn something instead of reminding myself what I was previously taught.

that’s why this fall I am going to go to paramedic school. no ifs ands or buts about it! I have to put my foot down for the other soldiers sake…otherwise I will end up taking photography classes…and what good will that do saving a life?

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