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Loss of inspiratiom

March 23, 2011

Does anyone else get “uninspired”? For no reason in particular…maybe it’s the schedule I’m on, or my eating habits…but every day is just like any other. There isn’t that urge when I wake up to STAY up and get out of bed and do something productive. So as an alternative, I roll over and fall back asleep for long enough than when I finally DO get up and out of bed all I have time to do is eat and go to work. That’ll suck the life right out of you.

Last night at work I did get a glimmer of inspiration and did some brain storming on what new crafts/hobbies I wanted to take up: quilting and needle felting (I SOO want to throw crochet in that mix, but I have tried my hand at that many times throughout my life and have yet to succeed…maybe when I retire). But the problem is, I was at work and also that my husband has tried to put me on a “budget”…so buying more supplies to keep breeding creative thinking comes second to paying off student loans and the gas bill. At least I can say I stayed up for an hour after I got off work and embroidered until I fell asleep. But when I awoke it was right back to the same ole-same ole. Can’t get out of bed. I mean, why do today what I can put off until tomorrow?

Well tomorrow is when I get off work…get my oil changed, go to the bank, get a prescription refilled, and pack to go up to drill this weekend. I’m gonna be hating life in about 5 hours when I would normally be finishing breakfast and heading to bed.

Hopefully my recent melancholy is a product of the night shift. Only four or so more weeks until morning shift. Then MAYBE I will get my butt out of bed. Go ride my bike. Snap some photos. Work on my website. Come up with elaborate schemes to redecorate my life. and buy organic and local foods instead of eating out.

Maybe I will get my inspiration back and actually implement the colorful swirls of ideas that seep into my brain on nights like tonight when I am at work and can’t take care of anything…

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