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updates and thoughts from our southern border of oblivion…

April 28, 2011

ok. so i have TOTALLY been slacking.  but hopefully now that i am finally on day shifts i can find some inspiration to give y’all some entertainment via the ramblings of my gypsy mind.

1)  i have finally finished two pillows i have been working on.  below is a pic of the most recent that i constructed COMPLETELY BY HAND for my friend that is set to return from afghanistan in a month:

2)  instead of posting witty quips while on shift at night, i have been doing some research that has led to some interesting observations which i will be sharing from time to time in this blog in moderation.  in moderation only to keep everyone from thinking i’m a complete crazy as my husband now does.  fyi – some would consider them conspiracy theories…but the more you are presented with evidence, the more it makes you think.  and i refuse to be brainwashed anymore, by anyone.  so i have started my own independent research into “facts” presented by documentaries, conspiracy theorists, and both main stream and alternative news sources and media.  stay tuned.

3)  i wanted to share an interesting article from fox news.  its a support of thoughts that i have had for some time:  AMERICA ARMING MEXICAN CARTELS.  i have sometimes been frustrated with the lack effective action that is taken to curb illegal immigration as well as drug trafficking on our southern border.  now there seems to be an answer for one of them…weapons armament.  between this above article as well as this one from usa today: ATF ALLOWED GUNS TO BE SOLD TO CARTEL.  (this is not the original article i read, but one that came up when i did just did a search).  lets think about it, if the us government was behind drug trafficking and arms trade in the past, would we not think that they are still guilty of it now?  and why on american soil?

4) can i just say RON PAUL 2012

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  1. mandy patlan permalink
    May 18, 2011 02:50

    Hey Big Red…love the pics, the embroidery, the whole dang thing….miss you guys and take care!

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