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Flat tire

June 8, 2011

Has anyone else noticed that people just don’t pull over to help other people lately? Or is that just me? Granted, it has been a number of years since I have stopped to help someone…but I always assess the situation I’m driving past to see if my assistance is needed.

Ok. Here is the scoop: last night, probably a little after ten at night (2200 for all of you that can’t count time like normal human beings) I had a flat driving down the highway (it wasn’t a blow out, someone tried to eat my tire). I was a good 15 minutes away from any gas station or civilization going either way in the highway…and there are no lights. So here I am changing my tire, or should I say “attempting” to change my tire as it has been at least five years since I have had a flat and one new car later (and yes, apparently Volkswagen likes to make it very difficult for anyone to figure out the lugnut situation…AND I had to break in my jack which didn’t want to turn being never touched before…), I digress.

So I’m on the side of the road looking cute, but covered in dirt and brake dust doing what I do, all along hoping the wind from the convoys of trucks passing doesn’t throw my car off the jack, and that someone, anyone would stop with a flashlight…or at least angle their headlights toward the rear passenger side were I desperately needed light. But there I stood in flip flops, getting eaten alive by Mosquitos and ants, wondering what happened to chivalry…

I can obviously change a tire by myself. I did it. But it should have never taken my 30 minutes. It sucks operating new equipment, trying to tighten lug nuts in flip flops, and using your cell phone for light.

But I suppose there are lessons learned:
1- why have three different types of road side assistance if you don’t use it?
2- always keep a pair of boots in the truck
3- always carry a flashlight in the glove box (check batteries, or get a car plug for it)
4- never rely on strangers
5- always keep your gun on your hip, well, because you never know. Who is to say I really wanted someone to help me that bad anyway…

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