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vegged out

July 9, 2011

so, it’s been two weeks since i came off the border mission…and maybe some people are wondering what i’m up to. (probably not, but do you think i’m not going to share?)  truth is, a lot of NOTHING.  well, i don’t really want to say nothing.  i’ve been cooking and cleaning, and being a house wife.  it’s wonderful!  and i’ve also decided i need to make sure i prepare for better health in the future…so i’ve become a vegetarian. yah, yah. so there was nothing but meat at that one bbq last week…so i slipped up there. but other than that it’s been going really well.  since i am at home, i have time to actually prepare meals instead of just heating up an amy’s burrito, or running to taco palenque every time i was hungry (damn you quesadillas…luckily there is no taco palenque in austin).

i’ve found the closest farmers market, try to buy only organic and Texan produce when i go to HEB, and try to limit my spending at Whole Foods.  i’ve even branched out and tried quinoa.  pretty decent.  now my husband…not so much. he’s the meat-and-potato kind of guy who MUST have meat at every single meal otherwise its blasphemy.  so we usually share the side veggie, and i fix him whatever free-range, non-hormone or antibiotic injected meat i can come up with (damnit, if he refuses to be vegan..then he’s at least going to get “healthy” meat), then i cook me more vegetables i know he won’t eat…like stuffed peppers.  these are great!  if you are interested…


simply slice open the pepper (poblano, bell, or whatever suits your fancy) and remove the seeds.

dice other veggies (squash, tomatoes, eggplant, etc)

mix diced veggies with rice, corn, black beans, or quinoa for example

season to taste with chili powder, salt, onion and garlic (i usually drop in a small dab of vegan vegetable spread to prevent the concoction from drying out)

stuff the hollowed out pepper with the above said mixture, and brush with olive oil.

cook for 15 min 350degrees, then broil until the pepper skill begins to peel.  its excellent.

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