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visiting veterans

July 18, 2011

this past weekend i had drill…separate post of that excitement later…

but i did go to town early for several things.  i visited wilson chapel cemetery for the first time since my mema passed while i was down on the border, and visited all my family buried there.  i also stopped at the kaufman county veterans memorial.  tearful day to say the least.  it was a little overwhelming at first to go to those two somber places before visiting my mother, brother, sister-in-law, and niece.  just wondering…and if anyone knows please tell me, but how did the kaufman veterans committee get the names for the veterans of the iraq-afghanistan war? (if you haven’t been there, they list all the names of the kaufman county veterans that served in each war, and have a separate wall for those that gave their lives…and a very large wall of all the texas vietnam vets) so…that being asked (about where the names come from), i can think of three names, besides my own, of veterans of the iraq-afghanistan wars that were not listed (and noticed someone’s name posted twice on the walls).  so i wanted to also honor those names i know have deployed in these recent wars but have not been posted:

Brandon Brown

Allen Barnard

John Paul Schoenberger

(and yours truly)

i miss yall

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