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August 9, 2011

last year for christmas i bought my husband the ENTIRE series of m*a*s*h.  actually…i bought the medicine and martinis box set which also comes with the movie.  if you aren’t familiar with the series…(first i have to say, get with it!)…it was about a m*a*s*h unit in the korean war.  although the korean war was only 3 years long…the series ran for 11 years!  i was raised watching m*a*s*h at my mema’s house in the living room at night watching it with my grandad…pestering him to exercise his legs (after his stroke) and giving him his insulin shots.  never in a MILLION years would i have expected i would then become a medic in the army.  its soo funny how life works out.

point being:  we FINALLY finished the entire 11 seasons worth last night, and i FINALLY saw the final episode (goodbye, farewell & amen) for the first time.  it was very strange.  and i think it was the only episode without piped in laughter (the only part of the show my grandad ever griped about).  bitter-sweet and sad, i must say it is probably one of my least favorite episodes of the series.  nevermind the fact it was two hours long!!!  so, we started out the series by watching the movie, and will end it by watching the movie again tonight.  and then probably start the whole series over again.  yes…it’s THAT good!  (side note:  if you haven’t seen the movie, it is mUCH different than the series…so go in to it without expectations.  it was made before the series, and reminds me more of vietnam than korea.  different characters, different vibe.  and they actually play the whole theme song…before it was watered-down for TV.  “suicide is painless” by johnny mandel.  i’m wondering if my mema & grandad knew what the words of the theme song were when i would walk around their house all the time playing it on my recorder…?)

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