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fresh food

August 18, 2011



(pictured above:  my pics from the HOPE market by east 7th, the day after i returned from two weeks of military training.  had to go…there wasn’t one fresh thing in my house)

i am soooo ready to go to the farmers market this afternoon!  as usual i was not home last weekend due to military obligations, and got back way late sunday afternoon…too late to make it to the farmers market by east 7th.  sooo…i have been looking up other farmers markets around the austin area all week, every morning.  apparently, all the ones during the week are either out of season, or in the afternoon.  sorry.  my sanity does not require a trip to downtown austin at 5 o’clock in (1700) during the work week.  isn’t happening.  i finally broke down and went to HEB yesterday to pick up essentials (texas grown mushrooms, a red onion, more tortillas to cook, lemon and lime, organic spinach, and tofu…plus central market Texas brown eggs and organic milk for the hubby).  so finally…it’s thursday and the farmers market closest to my house is rolling around. but guess what?  its not until FOUR O’CLOCK!!! (1600)!!!!  but thats ok.  like i said. it’s the closest to my house, so i will make sacrifices.  my bestest friend is coming down tomorrow (since i snagged us a pair of blue october tickets at stubbs for friday night) and i’m wanting to make sure that i have some fresh veggies since who knows if we will make it to the farmers market saturday morning.

oh why oh why don’t i have a “normal” routine…?



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