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garden of the porch

August 23, 2011

i want to be self-sustained.  i want to have a house that produces electricity, saves rain water, use our grey water, plant succulents so we don’t have to water them, and grow our own food.  but of course we live in an apartment.  so i’m not sure how i’m going to do all that…so i finally convinced my husband that i can TRY to grow our own food.  so i started a “garden” on the porch.

it’s not a garden in a conventional sense…i am using Lowe’s 5 gal buckets, planters and whatever flower pots i could find.  so…on wednesday aug 17th i planted peas and radishes (only those two because i had to buy more potting soil).  then on friday aug 19th i planted basil, squash, spinach, chives and broccoli. (by the way…all of the seeds are certified organic as is the potting soil)

much to my surprise…within only days they all began to sprout!!  as in the FOLLOWING DAY in some cases.  see the pictures from saturday aug 20th below…

then on sun aug 21st the broccoli began to sprout too…

sun aug 21st

and THEN…this morning the broccoli took off like crazy!!!!  squash sprouted over night and continued to grow all day.  cody literally saw it…the sprout push up and throw dirt off. (awesome).  so as of this evening everything but the chives have sprouted.

all of this amazes me because i’ve never grown vegetables before…and i’m growing it in buckets…and we are on our like 68th day over 100 degrees…and its HOT HOT HOT HOT with NO RAIN!  so this is all very cool if i do say so myself 🙂

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