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vegan gumbo

August 23, 2011

don’t run yet.  i swear its good!  really.  you don’t even miss the sea food!!!  but if you are terminally scared of veggies, like my husband, just close your eyes while you eat.  the recipe is below.  everything is a pinch or a poke of this or that.  (or in cases of flour and oil a hand-full or a splash or lake of it) thats just how i was taught to cook.  a poor way of cooking when you are trying to re-create someone else’s recipe who cooks like that too (my mom and her famous hot sauce i have never gotten down), but works out wonderfully when you make up meals on the regular like i do.  i did use a recipe for inspiration from and modified it…mainly because her recipe is an all day cooking event.  and well…honestly i only had an hour.  so i did what i could do.  and i think it turned out magnificently!  now i have a pot to eat on for days…because like i said…by husband is frightened by the thought of no meat!


so here are some pointers:

roux is a 1:1 mix of oil & flour (like the beginnings of gravy).  i used the same skillet (my mema’s cast iron skillet) to saute the other veggies first, so that flavor was left in the pan along with the extra oil.  i also seasoned the roux with the strong powder spices.  i suggest using cajun seasoning of some sort like zaterain’s. huge tip:  stir frequently.  as in don’t stop stirring.  you don’t want clumps of flour.  and cook this until it is dark brown.  like the color of melted hersey’s milk chocolate.  i don’t have any wooden spoons…but apparently the kind with a hole in it is the highly-recommended kind to use.

boil the veggies, chopped in little pieces, in water with a vegetable bouillon cube. i used Rapunzel Vegan Vegetable Bouillon from Sprouts.  also use vegetables from the farmers market where i could.  (eggplant, okra, onion, carrots, & squash all came from Johnson’s Backyard Garden.  they are at all the farmer’s markets i’ve been to here in austin and all organic)  my pinto beans were left over from a pot the day before.  i just scooped some in…and the hubby ate beans and steak for dinner (grass-fed and free-range from Sprouts i might add)

saute the season veggies in oil in the same cast iron skillet to make the roux in.  use enough oil to coat the veggies and prevent from sticking.  use a vegan sausage substitute such as Go Lean.  i get it from the produce aisle by the tofu at HEB.  i use it for cody’s breakfast all the time.  i don’t think he realizes that it’s not real sausage yet.  shhh. don’t tell.

so then you add some veggie broth to the roux, and stir that.  it gets pretty raunchy thick.  then i added that thick concoction to the rest of the boiled veggies in the pot along with the sautéed veggies.  cooked that on medium-low heat for about the time it took to cook the rice…about 20 minutes (i used organic long-grain white rice).  the whole pot should be somewhat thick.  keep stirring it often so as to keep the bottom from burning.  then scoop on top of the rice.  voilà!   a nice, delicious pot of vegan goodness…with a nod to louisiana.

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  1. August 24, 2011 04:17

    I just made a version of this, with chickpeas! And, believe it or not, I haven’t tried it yet… lol.

    Yours looks yummier than mine. 🙂

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