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August 25, 2011

did anyone see the fabulous rabbit i made from felting?  i thought i might have wrote about it…but i’m not seeing a post.  i do know i had shared it on FB at one point, but now to share with anyone else who might be interest.  basically…i made a toy rabbit.  out of wool.  by felting it.  “how?” you might ask?  with a specialized barbed needle.  it’s really cool, but can be slightly frustrating at times. but then again you can get out frustrations because you are just stabbing the combed wool over and over again to form a shape.  when i made the sucker i ended up with bleeding fingers from poking myself so often.  take a gander at the cute fella i’m calling peter…

now, i know you are thinking…i want one of these cute fellas for MYSELF!  of course you do (selfish…are you not going to share it with your kid?).  i know it’s early to start thinking about christmas, but you should.  so just in time to start yawning about christmas shopping, i opened up my etsy storeso you can buy peter for your very own…or for a gift!

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