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working on cars

September 27, 2011

ok. i’m going to admit…i am not a mechanic.  but lucky for me (and all my guy friends, who, believe me…are thanking my husband for marrying me), my husband is a mechanic.  last week he was on vacation so it was “work on the cars week”.  first we had to take care of mine which needed it’s 40,000 mile oil change, and also a new cabin air filter, fuel filter, and for the regular air filter to be cleaned (it’s a k&n).  but the BIG problem with that is that VW has some sort of monopoly with Castrol and doesn’t sell the “only” approved oil retail. so we “have” to buy it from the dealer.  i guess not a big deal, because the oil is the same price as other oil we can pick up from o’reillys or autozone…just inconvenient as hell.  took all day just to go get all the parts we needed and changing the oil (which by the way i DID help with)

but then of course HIS car needed attention. don’t ask me what all he did.  i can’t pretend to understand, but i do know he had to change the timing belt ended up spending almost the whole week on it.  but he asked me to take some pics of a couple parts when he pulled them off…and then again after he got them cleaned.  so here you go…beautiful work of the INTAKE MANIFOLD and the EGR VALVE for a 2001 jetta tdi.

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