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fresh food

August 18, 2011



(pictured above:  my pics from the HOPE market by east 7th, the day after i returned from two weeks of military training.  had to go…there wasn’t one fresh thing in my house)

i am soooo ready to go to the farmers market this afternoon!  as usual i was not home last weekend due to military obligations, and got back way late sunday afternoon…too late to make it to the farmers market by east 7th.  sooo…i have been looking up other farmers markets around the austin area all week, every morning.  apparently, all the ones during the week are either out of season, or in the afternoon.  sorry.  my sanity does not require a trip to downtown austin at 5 o’clock in (1700) during the work week.  isn’t happening.  i finally broke down and went to HEB yesterday to pick up essentials (texas grown mushrooms, a red onion, more tortillas to cook, lemon and lime, organic spinach, and tofu…plus central market Texas brown eggs and organic milk for the hubby).  so finally…it’s thursday and the farmers market closest to my house is rolling around. but guess what?  its not until FOUR O’CLOCK!!! (1600)!!!!  but thats ok.  like i said. it’s the closest to my house, so i will make sacrifices.  my bestest friend is coming down tomorrow (since i snagged us a pair of blue october tickets at stubbs for friday night) and i’m wanting to make sure that i have some fresh veggies since who knows if we will make it to the farmers market saturday morning.

oh why oh why don’t i have a “normal” routine…?





August 9, 2011

last year for christmas i bought my husband the ENTIRE series of m*a*s*h.  actually…i bought the medicine and martinis box set which also comes with the movie.  if you aren’t familiar with the series…(first i have to say, get with it!)…it was about a m*a*s*h unit in the korean war.  although the korean war was only 3 years long…the series ran for 11 years!  i was raised watching m*a*s*h at my mema’s house in the living room at night watching it with my grandad…pestering him to exercise his legs (after his stroke) and giving him his insulin shots.  never in a MILLION years would i have expected i would then become a medic in the army.  its soo funny how life works out.

point being:  we FINALLY finished the entire 11 seasons worth last night, and i FINALLY saw the final episode (goodbye, farewell & amen) for the first time.  it was very strange.  and i think it was the only episode without piped in laughter (the only part of the show my grandad ever griped about).  bitter-sweet and sad, i must say it is probably one of my least favorite episodes of the series.  nevermind the fact it was two hours long!!!  so, we started out the series by watching the movie, and will end it by watching the movie again tonight.  and then probably start the whole series over again.  yes…it’s THAT good!  (side note:  if you haven’t seen the movie, it is mUCH different than the series…so go in to it without expectations.  it was made before the series, and reminds me more of vietnam than korea.  different characters, different vibe.  and they actually play the whole theme song…before it was watered-down for TV.  “suicide is painless” by johnny mandel.  i’m wondering if my mema & grandad knew what the words of the theme song were when i would walk around their house all the time playing it on my recorder…?)


August 8, 2011

i’ve been gone for two weeks for more military training, but before i left i made some guacamole and man was it good!  here are some pictures to make your mouth water…

you know you want some

visiting veterans

July 18, 2011

this past weekend i had drill…separate post of that excitement later…

but i did go to town early for several things.  i visited wilson chapel cemetery for the first time since my mema passed while i was down on the border, and visited all my family buried there.  i also stopped at the kaufman county veterans memorial.  tearful day to say the least.  it was a little overwhelming at first to go to those two somber places before visiting my mother, brother, sister-in-law, and niece.  just wondering…and if anyone knows please tell me, but how did the kaufman veterans committee get the names for the veterans of the iraq-afghanistan war? (if you haven’t been there, they list all the names of the kaufman county veterans that served in each war, and have a separate wall for those that gave their lives…and a very large wall of all the texas vietnam vets) so…that being asked (about where the names come from), i can think of three names, besides my own, of veterans of the iraq-afghanistan wars that were not listed (and noticed someone’s name posted twice on the walls).  so i wanted to also honor those names i know have deployed in these recent wars but have not been posted:

Brandon Brown

Allen Barnard

John Paul Schoenberger

(and yours truly)

i miss yall

vegged out

July 9, 2011

so, it’s been two weeks since i came off the border mission…and maybe some people are wondering what i’m up to. (probably not, but do you think i’m not going to share?)  truth is, a lot of NOTHING.  well, i don’t really want to say nothing.  i’ve been cooking and cleaning, and being a house wife.  it’s wonderful!  and i’ve also decided i need to make sure i prepare for better health in the future…so i’ve become a vegetarian. yah, yah. so there was nothing but meat at that one bbq last week…so i slipped up there. but other than that it’s been going really well.  since i am at home, i have time to actually prepare meals instead of just heating up an amy’s burrito, or running to taco palenque every time i was hungry (damn you quesadillas…luckily there is no taco palenque in austin).

i’ve found the closest farmers market, try to buy only organic and Texan produce when i go to HEB, and try to limit my spending at Whole Foods.  i’ve even branched out and tried quinoa.  pretty decent.  now my husband…not so much. he’s the meat-and-potato kind of guy who MUST have meat at every single meal otherwise its blasphemy.  so we usually share the side veggie, and i fix him whatever free-range, non-hormone or antibiotic injected meat i can come up with (damnit, if he refuses to be vegan..then he’s at least going to get “healthy” meat), then i cook me more vegetables i know he won’t eat…like stuffed peppers.  these are great!  if you are interested…


simply slice open the pepper (poblano, bell, or whatever suits your fancy) and remove the seeds.

dice other veggies (squash, tomatoes, eggplant, etc)

mix diced veggies with rice, corn, black beans, or quinoa for example

season to taste with chili powder, salt, onion and garlic (i usually drop in a small dab of vegan vegetable spread to prevent the concoction from drying out)

stuff the hollowed out pepper with the above said mixture, and brush with olive oil.

cook for 15 min 350degrees, then broil until the pepper skill begins to peel.  its excellent.

world wars…but what about us?

June 13, 2011

ok. so here is the deal.  i am VERY frustrated with the fact that the US is in other countries where we, by no stretch of the imagination, belong.  for example:  Libya.  our president has decided that he can use a loophole he made up and justify this “non”WAR by saying it is UN sanctioned.  that we aren’t attacking them, that NATO is.  horse crap.  these are OUR military forces that our tax dollars pay for.  war in the name of nato?  gimme a break.  obama STILL needs congressional approval…which he DID NOT get!  he thinks that just because he gave them a report about it that makes it ok?  no.  congressional approval.  thats APPROVAL.  A-P-P-R-O-V-A-L.


  1. The act or an instance of approving.
  2. An official approbation; a sanction.
  3. Favorable regard; commendation.
OK.  so that does not mean review…or read.  just to clear that up.
so whats the problem?  why is it that we are over there?  an now syria?  libya and syria.  what’s next?  there are uprisings, protests, revolts and “human rights violations” going on all over that part of the world.  but let me step back for a minute.  where are we located?  oh yah.  that’s right…THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE WORLD.  and we have problems of our own…like corrupt politicians.  un-secure borders.  a national deficit that can never be recovered.  an astronomical jobless rate.  and only one state that i know of *(go florida)* that does drug testing for welfare recipients.   thats just skimming the top of the problems this great nation has.  what are we doing?  why can’t we fix ourselves instead of meddling in other people’s business.
we can be a COMPLETELY SELF-SUSTAINING, SOVEREIGN NATION…if we would only stay out of world governments!!!!
the US and the world

country comparison

Flat tire

June 8, 2011

Has anyone else noticed that people just don’t pull over to help other people lately? Or is that just me? Granted, it has been a number of years since I have stopped to help someone…but I always assess the situation I’m driving past to see if my assistance is needed.

Ok. Here is the scoop: last night, probably a little after ten at night (2200 for all of you that can’t count time like normal human beings) I had a flat driving down the highway (it wasn’t a blow out, someone tried to eat my tire). I was a good 15 minutes away from any gas station or civilization going either way in the highway…and there are no lights. So here I am changing my tire, or should I say “attempting” to change my tire as it has been at least five years since I have had a flat and one new car later (and yes, apparently Volkswagen likes to make it very difficult for anyone to figure out the lugnut situation…AND I had to break in my jack which didn’t want to turn being never touched before…), I digress.

So I’m on the side of the road looking cute, but covered in dirt and brake dust doing what I do, all along hoping the wind from the convoys of trucks passing doesn’t throw my car off the jack, and that someone, anyone would stop with a flashlight…or at least angle their headlights toward the rear passenger side were I desperately needed light. But there I stood in flip flops, getting eaten alive by Mosquitos and ants, wondering what happened to chivalry…

I can obviously change a tire by myself. I did it. But it should have never taken my 30 minutes. It sucks operating new equipment, trying to tighten lug nuts in flip flops, and using your cell phone for light.

But I suppose there are lessons learned:
1- why have three different types of road side assistance if you don’t use it?
2- always keep a pair of boots in the truck
3- always carry a flashlight in the glove box (check batteries, or get a car plug for it)
4- never rely on strangers
5- always keep your gun on your hip, well, because you never know. Who is to say I really wanted someone to help me that bad anyway…

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